May 2021


National Centre for the Performing Arts




The IWCF - INDIA WORLD CHORAL FESTIVAL 2020 is a Choral Festival organized at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Mumbai (Bombay) in collaboration with the Symphony Orchestra of India (SOI) and internationally-recognized composers, conductors, and soloists.  

The IWCF - India Word Choral Festival 2020 is a brand new musical experience for worldwide-loving choirs organized by the IWCG ORG and the NCPA Mumbai.

Visiting India is always an incredible, intense and unforgettable experience.

Understanding its ancient culture and philosophy through the experience of making music with singers from different ethnics, faiths and countries is definitely a great way to do so.

We would like to invite you and your choir to be part of this amazing festival.

This is a unique and rare opportunity to take part in an intensive project, to work with the Maestro Palmeri and his amazing MISATANGO,  and a team of Argentinian experts in Tango, as well with experts in Indian classical music and culture, and learn the secrets of the stylistically authentic performance of this two faraway music traditions, culminating in an unforgettable Gala Concert.  



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Meet our Resident

Composer 2020


Martin Palmeri

Meet our Festival Artistic Director

Dr. Santiago Lusardi Girelli

Come to India and sing wit us!!!


We are honored to extend a special invitation for you to participate in the first edition of the India World Choral Festival, Mumbai, India, 2020. Visiting India is always an incredible, intense and unforgettable experience, and understanding its ancient culture, music and philosophy through a musical experience, by singing with other singers from different ethnicities, faiths and countries is definitely a great way to do this. The IWCF is a brand new musical experience for choirs interested in engaging with new cultures. 


            This unique Festival combines the passion for world choral music with a chance to experience the eclectic city of Mumbai (Bombay), India, the capital city for classical music, the Indian film industry, jazz and other musical traditions. Our four-day festival has an exciting program planned for choirs from all around the world and India. IWCF 2020 will include concerts, lectures, workshops, and much more. 



Mtro Palmeri, Resident Composer

The MisaTango is written by the Argentinean composer Martin Palmeri, who has a meteoric international career as composer and has premiered his music all around Europe and America, in the most important halls such as the Carnegie Hall in New York or Die Konzerthaus in Vienna among many other! The Programme will be conducted by the Argentinean Awarded Conductor Mariano Chiachiarini, and the Choral Advisor will be Dr. Santiago Lusardi Girelli. Maestro Palmeri will perform with us and work with the choirs during the workshops.


The MISATANGO is a choral-symphonic piece written for mezzo-soprano, bandoneon, strings, piano and SATB choir. This piece manifests Palmeri's splendid talent for integrating stylistic features of the Tango into his compositions. The marvelous employment of the bandoneon, sometimes as a singing voice, then again as a rhythm instrument, assures the preservation of the "Tango Soul." It is with excellent melodic and ingenious richness that Palmeri mixes the various tone colors of the Tango with the various characteristics of the individual parts of the liturgical text.



Our 4 days Festival has planned an amazing program for Choirs, Singers and Conductors from all over the world and within India. We will host international distinguished composers, conductors and soloists to lead this amazing program through concerts, workshops and much more.


For this edition we have invited the Argentinean composer Maestro Martin Palmeri to lead workshops and participate in a performance of his famed composition MISATANGO, which all participating choirs will sing together at the final concert of the festival in the iconic Jamshed Bhabha Theatre, conducted by the Argentinean Maestro Mariano Chiachiarinni, with the SOI Chamber Orchestra, the composer himself at the piano.


For this edition we have invited Maestro Martin Palmeri to lead the workshop and performance of the world known awarded MISATANGO. This piece will be sung by all participants of the festival, at the Gala Final Concert, having the composer itself performing with us at the JAMSHED BHABHA THEATER, NCPA - National Center for the Performing Arts in Mumbai (Bombay). The Festival will host two more concerts in amazing different venues at the NCPA, with the SOI-Symphony Orchestra of India as the Resident Orchestra for our Choral Festival.

Furthermore participants can enroll in amazing workshops on singing, choral conducting, choral composition and Choral Indian Music. In addition participants can attend  cultural activities and lectures, watch concerts of Indian Classical Music and even go for Yoga and Meditation classes to improve their singing, all this during the Festival!  


Additionally, visiting choirs will have the option to perform their own concerts during the IWCF 2020 or/and enroll to sing in one of the two COMMON CHANTS, performing original compositions written specially for our Festival by distinguished composers, and based on themes related to Indian culture, religion & mysticism.

All this with the SOI Chamber Orchestraat the National Centre for the Performing Arts, in the city of Mumbai, a center that is celebrating this year its 50thanniversary and that hosts over 600 events each year, including some of the most distinguished artists from the worlds of Western Classical music, Indian music and dance, and more.

Check the MISATANGO this wonderful performance by our Resident Composer Mtro Palmeri,
and conducted by our IWCF Guest Conductor Mariano Chiacchiarini,
with the WDR Choir, in Germany!


The IWCF - India Word Choral Festival 2020 is 

organized  by the NCPA Mumbai and the  IWCG ORG.